Mandurah bathroom renovations
Brendan Sully
Brendan Sully
11 October 2023
Really pleased with the finish. Great group of tradies, very friendly. Thanks heaps kyle.
Kimberley Parkin
Kimberley Parkin
26 August 2023
From the first contact Kyle was out the next day to look at our project. His expertise, knowledge and insight helped us to reach a decision on how we could transform our old and cluttered bathroom space. He and his team created magic turning our bathroom space into a modern, spacious and simple yet totally amazing area of the home! Kyle was always in contact, keeping us informed at every stage, offering advice and completing the project in very good time and on budget. Needless to say we are totally satisfied with the final result.
Lynda Newton
Lynda Newton
25 August 2023
Just had one of my bathrooms renovated by Kyle & his team absolutely love it. Can’t wait for my ensuite done now. If your needing your bathroom updated give Kyle & his team a ring highly recommend
Maria Hartland
Maria Hartland
26 July 2023
Very quick to give a quote very professional and the after care is excellent
Chryophase DJ
Chryophase DJ
15 July 2023
A very personal attentive to detail approach for a complete renovation of our two very old looking bathrooms, to complete refreshed and very high quality finished bathrooms. Kyle gave us a personal approached design and keen detailed vision of just what we needed, modified along the way as our own aesthetic was addressed in the design and delivered right down the line with a time prooven, quality installation. Good price and attention to detail was superb. I have attached some pictures that show the 'just after' installation, and the other pictures as the used, as look now; a good eight months after installation and they still have a fresh feeling, daily usable pair of bathrooms that seem 3 times the original size (each bathroom consolidated the extemly dated Shower, small Wardrobe, small and seperate sink are and still hard to believe that each room was seperate by a wall across the middle of each bathroom with a door. The 2nd bathroom had a walk in cupboard and no bath, and now we now have two complete bathroom's). All in, this work changed the value of our house considerably, and getting Kyle's personal touch involved in what we at first, were not sure of the complete picture that we needed, Kyle provided a got a great deal of very knowledgeable and excellent design help that we sorely needed. All work was finished on time and to agreed budget. Very happy with the workand the pictures speak for themselves (don't forget the old rooms had an extra 3 full, complete to ceiling dividing wall sections removed to form these now two, very large highest quality, and very functional bathrooms.
14 July 2023
I had a firm design for what I wanted this bathroom to look like. I knew it would be a tricky job due to the existing structure being mainly cement but Kyle and his team were up for a challenge and worked diligently to bring my plans to life. It included talking me through the council application process, explaining plumbing options and working with my unconventional choices such as 2 entry doors, a sloped ceiling,waterproof vj panels and a waterproof tv. Communication was great throughout the lengthy build with all my questions answered promptly. The whole team were friendly, knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to deal with.
Peter Anderson
Peter Anderson
13 July 2023
From start to finish my experience with Mandurah Bathroom Renovations was a pleasure, quality work done on time and I could not be happier with the result!
Tadhg Westworth
Tadhg Westworth
13 July 2023
Just had my bathroom done with Kyle and team, was done better then imagined. Highly recommend. Thank you guys once’s again.

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    Bathrooms, Laundry, En Suites

    Bathrooms, Laundry, En Suites

    Choosing to go ahead with a bathroom renovation is big decision to make for any household, which is why we like to go out of our way to make sure it’s as stress free as possible for you.

    Mandurah Bathroom Renovation Specialists is a trusted name when it comes to residential and commercial bathroom renovations in WA and we take pride in the work we do!.

    For 10 years in the business, we have served countless homeowners who are in dire need for bathroom upgrade. Our team is comprised of professional bathroom fitters, who specialize in areas like bathroom design, plumbing, tiling , carpentry, and everything you need to build your dream bathroom.


    Tailor-made service packages to suit your taste and budget

    Our customer base has grown significantly over the last 10 years, and most of them are either repeat clients or new ones recommended by our past clients. We turn outdated bathrooms into an aesthetically pleasing, highly- functional and extremely safe place for you to spend your “me-time”, and for your entire household to enjoy.

    Whether you need renovation and remodelling services to upgrade the old, rusty, and mould-infested bathroom, or to cater to the household’s growing needs, our team has got your covered.

    Hiring us means enjoying all the following benefits:


    Professional on-site consultation at no cost


    Certified, experienced, and friendly bathroom fitters


    Fixed cost and no surprise charges


    All-in bathroom renovation services


    Tailor-made service packages to suit your taste and budget


    On-time, no fuss, no hassle service delivery and completion


    Cutting-edge renovation equipment and technology


    Premium-grade materials from reputable suppliers


    Wide-range of choices for bathroom supplies and accessories


    Fully-Licensed and Insured


    Mandurah luxury bathroom design


    Mandurah bathroom tiling

    Home Renovations WA

    Bathroom renovations in Mandurah, WA, can be very expensive, but you surely can get a good return on investment if you plan to sell your property in the future. Bear in mind, though, that bathroom renovations must be of high quality. This means the changes and updates must significantly improve the comfort, safety, and usefulness of the area. Otherwise, it will be just an unnecessary expense.

    To be sure that you are making the right investment, entrust your bathroom renovation needs to Mandurah Bathroom Renovation Specialists. From consultation, design, material selection, installation, maintenance, repair, or replacement, we can handle them all. We can work around your budget while keeping your preferences in mind. Name the bathroom design and style you have in mind, and we will build it for you. Or if you’re over in QLD and looking for a bathroom reno in Sunshine Coast, we recommend our partners at SCBC! 

    Bathroom Construction

    Master bathroom


    En suite bathrooms


    Full bathrooms


    Designer bathrooms


    Commercial bathrooms


    Designer bathrooms


    Bespoke bathrooms


    Laundry bathrooms


    Three-quarter bathrooms

    We cover all areas of bathroom renovations and remodelling, specifically the following:


    Personalised professional bathroom design


    Wall and floor tile installation, removal, repair, and maintenance








    Bathroom decors, vanities, accessories


    Space-saving cabinets and shelves

    The Mandurah Bathroom Specialists Remodelling Process

    Our company has adapted a systematic approach to bathroom renovations in order for us to deliver our services in a timely and efficient manner. From day one, your needs are always our top priority.

    Our Process

    In-home consultation

    As soon as you call us, we will schedule our bathroom designer to visit your home and conduct assessment of the area. We also take this chance to find out more about your ideas as well as your questions about our services. We will provide you cost-effective solutions to improve your bathroom’s condition. We will take measurements as basis for the quotation.


    Quotation and Acceptance

    Our team will come up with a detailed quotation to be sent to you 7 days following the in-home consultation.

    Once pricing is agreed upon , we will put everything in writing and sign the contract before moving on to the design process.

    Design and Product Selection

    Our designer will come up with the bathroom design based on your preference, and of course, with your approval. The detailed layout will include all areas of the project – paint colours, tile flooring, bathroom fixtures and accessories, plumbing, electrical wirings, pipes, joinery, etc. We will help you pick the right materials from trusted suppliers.


    Building Inspection

    Our team will visit your home to present the final layout and talk to you about the specifics. We will provide you all the information you need about the project and what to expect before, during, and after the construction.

    Preparation and Demolition

    Our team will prepare your home for the renovation. We will strip off surfaces or remove all existing installations as directed by the plan while making sure that reusable parts and materials will be saved and protected.

    Carpentry Works

    All carpentry works required will be implemented at this time by our certified carpenters.

    Service Rough-In

    Our highly-qualified plumbers and electricians will install all necessary wirings and fixtures before the walls are secured with plasterboard.


    Using premium-grade waterproof plasterboard, we will smoothen out rough walls and ceilings, and uneven surfaces.


    We will apply waterproof membrane and barriers on the subfloors and all walls prior to tile installation to protect these areas from water leaks and penetration.


    The bathroom will now have a new life with the installation of beautiful tiles that you chose.


    Custom-made space-saving cabinets will be installed to provide your bathroom with more storage.


    Caulking is a must to prevent both water leaks and air leaks. We will apply high-quality caulks to seal off leaks and fill in cracks.


    All of your selected fittings and fixtures will be installed to complete your bathroom’s aesthetics.

    Shower Screen

    We will install perfectly fitted, customised shower screen to complete your bathroom’s look.


    We take care of all the mess. Our professional cleaning team will make sure that your bathroom is squeaky clean and ready to use when we leave.


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    How much should I spend on remodelling my bathroom?

    The cost of bathroom renovation in Australia depends on many different factors. Generally, bigger bathrooms are more expensive to renovate. Price ranges from $18,000 to $25,000.

    A bathroom size of 10 square meters and more could cost you a whopping $25,000, and this is just an average estimate. Meanwhile, a typical 2-square meter bathroom renovation could go as much as $6,000 to $10,000.

    What makes bathroom renovation expensive?

    Careful budget and planning are paramount prior to any bathroom renovation project. Everything can be very expensive when you get the wrong people to work on the project, or use the wrong materials, or splurge on unnecessary accessories and decors.

    The bathroom design, size, materials, furniture and fixtures, and the amount of labour required to complete the project determine the renovation cost. There might also be other unexpected expenses along the way that you must include in your budget plan. The truth is, bathroom renovation is not cheap, but there are smarter ways to minimise the cost if you want to.

    Is it a good idea to remodel or renovate the bathroom before selling my home?

    Minor bathroom makeovers right before selling your home is a good idea to attract homebuyers. However, you can’t expect to get high return on investment with these improvements.  Additionally, if you choose to do a major bathroom renovation just before selling, make sure that your sale price could compensate to the expenses made. 

    How long does it take for a typical bathroom renovation to complete?

    Bathroom renovations can take days to months depending on the design, size, amount of work required, and the number and skills of the people working.  Total renovation of a small bathroom may take up to 23 days to complete or three weeks to a month while bigger bathrooms may require several months to finish.

    What is the cheapest way to renovate a bathroom?

    Bathroom renovation can be very pricey. Even if you have a budget plan, you will most likely end up spending more.  If you take time doing the research, however, you will find a lot of tips on how to minimise your expenses for your much-needed project. Here are some of them:

    • Go for minor upgrades if you are on a tight budget. Restore or repair fittings and fixtures to make them look as good as new again. Simple upgrades like repainting the walls, adding wall-hung cabinets and shelves can significantly change the overall look of the bathroom.
    • Keep plumbing and electrical features on its original places. Moving them in a new spot could mean additional expenses for materials and labour.
    • Recycle and reuse bathroom installations and furniture if they are still in good condition and if you think they match your new design and style.
    • Consider do-it-yourself bathroom remodelling only if you have the skills, experience, and the right equipment for the tasks. Otherwise, leave it to the experts.


    What is the most expensive part of bathroom renovation?

    The most expensive part of bathroom renovation is perhaps the shower. This is mainly because it involves two of the most laborious renovation tasks that must only be done by trained professionals – plumbing and tiling.  Moreover, you must invest in high-quality plumbing fittings and fixtures as well as premium-grade tiles for walls and flooring so they will last for many, many, years.

    What are the things to avoid when renovating a bathroom?

    You might already have your bathroom design in mind, and it is no longer a question whether a professional bathroom renovator can build it. However, it is important to understand that bathroom designs must not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also functional, comfortable, and safe for everyone to use. A good contractor can help you come up with a cost-effective design, but if you want to do it on your own to save money, here are some things you must avoid:

    • Using low-quality materials – Go for affordable yet good quality materials that can withstand the ever-changing temperature and moisture levels in the area to avoid frequent repairs and replacements in the future.
    • DIY waterproofing – water leaks can cause costly damages, it can wreak havoc. Avoid so by entrusting the waterproofing to the experts unless you have the skills, experience, and the right tools and equipment to perform the task.
    • Squeezing everything in – definitely, you want the bathroom to have all that fancy stuff – the decors, shelves, racks, cabinets, and other vanities. Make sure, though, that they don’t compromise everyone’s comfort and safety. Choose space-saving furniture and accessories such as wall-hung shelves and cabinets.
    • Poor ventilation – install bigger windows and exhaust fans to boost comfort inside the bathroom and prevent mould and mildew build up.
    What is the best type of tile flooring for the bathroom?

    The best type of tile flooring for bathroom is the one that can withstand the traffic and water. Today, more and more homeowners prefer vinyl tile as it is proven to be waterproof, durable, easy to install, and comes with seamless options for colours and styles.

    Other favourite options are porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles. The only problem about using them is that they are not very comfortable for the bare feet which could mean additional expense for the installation of floor heaters.

    Linoleum floor tiles, cork tiles, glass tiles, stone tiles, and plastic laminate tiles are also among the potential choices for bathroom flooring. But using them requires careful planning and installation because they may not be suitable for most types of bathroom.

    Contact us today for a free consultation and talk about your upcoming home renovation project!

    ** Disclaimer – All enquiries are referred to and carried out by Jackels Building and Improvements. All liability for any loss or damages stays with the independant contractor who carries out the work. All work carried out by licensed tradesmen.