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One of the most expensive or perhaps the most laborious part of bathroom renovation is the tile installation. The lifespan of your bathroom wall and flooring basically depends on the quality of tiles your pick and how they are installed.

Choose tiles not only because they look pretty for the bathroom. Aesthetics and quality must go together. Combine it with professional services from expert tile installers and bathroom fitters, and you will surely enjoy a beautiful and peaceful oasis for a very long time.

Not sure what type of tile you need? Let us help you make tile selection a lot easier. Here are the different choices for tile flooring we offer at Mandurah Bathroom Renovation Specialists:

  • Vinyl Tiles – offers seamless options for colours, textures, and styles, making it a go-to tile flooring material for almost all types of bathrooms. These floor tiles are easy to install and proven-and-tested durable. Bear in mind, though, that the quality of these tiles varies per manufacturer.
  • Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles – when coated with protected glaze, these tiles can last for decades or more. They highly-durable and can withstand heavy traffic, moisture, and water in the bathroom. When it comes to aesthetics, porcelain and ceramic will surely be on top of the list. Perhaps the only drawback of using them is that they are not very comfortable for the bare feet, but nothing a good floor heater can’t solve.
  • Plastic Laminated Tiles – a perfect option for those who are looking for bathroom tile flooring that doesn’t add height to the floor once installed. Other flooring materials are quite bulky, and this can be a problem if there is an existing door installed as it may cost significant amount of money to have the door resized. Also, these tiles are pliable and light so they are extremely easily to install. Water penetration, however, can be a big problem later when these tiles are not properly installed.
  • Glass Tiles – very classy and stylish, slip-resistant, may be tinted or transparent. This is a perfect choice for those who want luxurious bathrooms.
  • Wood Tiles – such a risky choice for bathroom flooring, but boasts its natural and timeless beauty. However, wood tiles are less likely to last for bathroom floors that often get wet and moist. It is highly recommend and suitable for powder rooms.
  • Stone Tiles – stone tiles create a beautiful bathroom interior with its earthy tones. These tiles are also very durable, but require sealing and regular maintenance.

Mandurah Bathroom Renovation Specialists will help you choose and install the perfect tiles for your dream bathroom. Find out more about our amazing tiling products and services. Contact us!